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Who is Geva Gazit?

  • Geva Gazit, with more than 15 years of experience, is the alternative trader who managed to breakthrough the glass ceiling and discover the real secret to success in trading in the capital market.
  • Geva specializes in futures trading, the three-dimensional trading developer.
  • Among the few individuals in the world who specialized in trading SPREAD on gaps and adjusted the method to the main indices and holders of small trading account.
  • Author of a series of trading books led by the book – the bestseller – “Alternative Dealer”

What will you get from us?

  • Personal training and close accompaniment from the base until the most advanced to success in trading.
  • You will learn to profit from your computer every day regardless of anyone at any time and anywhere.
  • The entire series of books in the field of trading in the capital market and futures contracts.
  • Including the book “Alternative Trader” – bestseller – a must-have book for every trader.
  • Practical knowledge of creating an independent source of income independent of anyone other than you.

our vision

  • To train and transfer to as many people as possible the knowledge and tools that will enable freedom and economic independence for no one else!
  • Improve the quality of life to people from all backgrounds, education and age.
  • From now on, do not need prior knowledge, do not need a lot of money, do not need to know languages, do not need customers, inventory and rent.
  • Show that everyone with motivation and determination can succeed.
  • Everyone must meet Geva Gazit at a personal meeting at least once in a lifetime.

Geva Gazit – CEO Geva International Trading

An active futures trader, mentor, coach, and senior lecturer

Born in 1967, grew up in Tel Aviv and lives happily in Israel.

He began his trading with a basic course on “Portfolio Management and Technical Analysis” and at the end of the course decided to study the field of investment and trade thoroughly and deeply. Over the years, he continued with courses on daily and intraday trading in stocks, futures trading, forex and options.

“I thought that only those who studied economics or good in maths could succeed … I soon discovered that trading in the capital market is something completely different from an economy and is much simpler and more accessible than I had imagined”, Geva said.

As an experienced trader, a lecturer, trainer and mentor in this field, he has set his goal, to transfer the knowledge and experience he has acquired in a method that will save you a lot of money and time, using sophisticated tools that will open the way for you to succeed in this trade.

“What’s important is that all the time I spent hours watching online trading, I’ve accumulated actual trading experience with demo software and, of course, trading in real time with real money – my money”.

Futures trading is easy and simple trading, which is a highly profitable trading derivative, with very little risk, especially for a starting trader with a small initial trading account.

The futures market is a market without the influence of market makers and interested parties. hence the huge advantage in it, since none of them is capable of moving this huge market to its goals and therefore trading in it, using the correct rules and the method taught in the course developed over the years, embodies a large profit potential.

“This is the only track that puts you in the head of a trader … all the material is done while trading in real-time positions ..”

Completion of the course the training is only the beginning of a new path. All the graduates of the track have the right to actively participate in an unique advanced daily signal up service, weekly reviews, forum, support and telephone assistance.

“I would be happy to see you joining a supportive and successful family”.

Geva Gazit – CEO Geva International Trading
An active futures trader and lecturer