Questions and answers about the course for daily trading in the capital market and futures contracts with Geva Gazit

Questions and Answers

Answer: Of course. Anyone who wants to learn the tools that will enable him to generate a regular source of income independent of anyone or anything can learn and understand the course materials.

Answer: You’ll be amazed at what this course can do for you. During the course you will learn to identify the strongest pillars of the behavior of the market’s movements. The tools you’ll receive will enable you to understand how Geva Gazit figures out the indicators he publishes every morning, and which manage to yield profits of hundreds of dollars every day, steadily and safely.

Answer: This is not just another course. This is training with personal mentoring with content and at a level that is unlike any course you’ve seen until now. In this series of lessons and video tutorials Geva Gazit will share with you the techniques he has developed, techniques that he has been using in his own everyday trading for years, and which helped him to succeed and become one of the most successful future contracts traders.

You will receive information that is fundamentally different than what you know today. The level of accessibility, the subject matter and the real-time examples using real money will amaze you and help you understand that you too can succeed in trading and earn money on a daily basis.

Not only can you review the material whenever and as often as you like, you will have access to constant support and personal guidance all along the way. You are not doing this alone!

Answer: Absolutely. Geva and the support team will personally be at your service to answer any question you have and will do everything they can to help you succeed.

You will also be invited to join an exclusive group of traders just like you, and all your questions will be answered. Every morning Geva publishes trade indicators, articles and examples of positions that he has used in trading with real money.

Answer: The registration process is very simple. Click Trading Courses Shop to choose the Course that suits you. Once you click “Place order” and after the payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to the course site, where you’ll complete the registration process and receive your username and password. You will immediately have access to the lessons and training sessions.

Answer: First of all, you don’t have to open a trading account before you understand what you’re doing and how to trade properly. You will receive a real trading software for practicing, but the money will be demo. There is no reason to practice and take risks with real money before you have reached the proper professional level.

Only after you’re sure that you understand what you’re doing and you are earning consistently using the methodology and are making successful transactions over and over again, and not by accident, you can consider opening an account with real money.

What about the risk with real money afterward? You’ll need $3,000 to open an account (Geva’s recommendation is $5,000), and even if you make all the stupidest mistakes or there is a disaster in the market, the most you can lose is $2,000. The brokerage firm will block your account from trading if the balance reaches $1,000.

But that will only happen if you trade irresponsibly and without any self-discipline whatsoever. There is simply no reason for you to get yourself into such a situation. Still, would such a situation be a catastrophe that would change your life with no way of fixing the situation?

Of course not. In fact, I don’t know any other profession in which you can earn so much money in such a short time in just a few hours (or less) each day, a small investment, an education, and minimal commitment and risk. There is no other professional field in which you can generate unlimited income with just a few mouse-clicks, independent of anyone but yourself. If you know of such a field, I would be happy to hear about it.

Answer: If it’s really important to you and you really want to learn tools that you can use to trade in the capital market and earn money independent of anyone else, anytime and anywhere, and if you think that you too deserve to earn much more, and that your family and children deserve more freedom and more possibilities, sign up for this course right now!

Why waste another moment mulling it over and trying to decide?

Learn from a trader who lives and breathes trading every day for years!